Pleunie Buyink

Framed Emerald gem, frame size: 40 x 40 x 60cm object size: 50 x 30cm

Detail Mouna gem inspired by the forest,  where the sun nestles through the leaves

"Frozen gem" detail rough crystallized object

"Emerald gem" half fixed, half flexible, object size Ø90 cm

Mouma marble gem, triptych

Detail Amethyst gem

Liquid Limber gem, semi transparant gem inspired by the ocean,
"Captured movements from the bottom of the ocean" object size: 50 x 30 cm

Limber stone gem, hematite gem, with structures

Detail hematite gem

Allnat gem, popping bubbles, inspired by a glass of champagne, Ø50 cm

"Moments" 2016, amethyst gem, inspired by fall,
falling leaves translated in the structure and colours

Detail "Moments" 2016, amethyst gem

"Frozen gem",rough crystallized object

"mouna gem" with liquid marmer effect

"Interwoven gem" inspired by graphic lines
combined with liquid shapes

Showroom Piet Boon Collection Milan & Oostzaan

Detail transparant object "Bottom of the ocean" mariane trough

Object "Bottom of the ocean" mariane trough
Object sizes: 180 x 80 Frame sizes: 100 x 50 x 200 cm