Pleunie Buyink


Imagine a house, constructed with pure materials, raw and sober. Suddenly the sun enters the house and sunrays are passing the immense glass windows. 

The subtle rays reach the surface of the limber gem; quietly watchful waiting on the floor and her elegant beauty awakes. Subtle as she is, she begins to shine, like a true jewel. Every time a passenger passes
he will receive a flirty glimpse from her.


Limber Gems are elegant jewelry for the interior, made from a newly developed material where rubber is a component. 
The gems are flexible and obedient to the creative owner. Laying on the floor or being wall mounted as an art object playing with depth and light.

Once the light touches the limber gems the interplay between the rugged crinkly background, the ruff edges and the warm colors really starts. Limber gems are behaving as chameleons playing with incoming light, reflection and color in every interior.